Test post for March 2, 2017

I had a pretty great paragraph written and I tried to play with some of the icons above and I deleted the damn thing...and of course when that happens I'm pretty sure it's the most clever paragraph I have ever created.  This one was for sure.

My goal for this website is to have a little space on the web that is just me. my writing, my aesthetic, my inspiration...an easy place to write and share what inspires me in hopes it will inspire others.  I have to figure out how much I want to offer coaching, and I know that I do but don't want to very often.  It's not going to be a low cost offering like my first go-round..I don't want to be that busy with this except to the extent I choose.  We'll see...more thinking on that is needed.

Today I'm sending over the PDF on Strengths.....and ...no more playing with the icons, just want to pretend-post this. I hope I'm pretend-posting this...certainly not means for prime time!  Playing with adding an image here...and this random image was at the top of my 'Croatia' pictures...not very 'Croatia' for sure, but cute.