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What gets me out of bed in the morning is knowing that I have something valuable to give. For me, this means helping others become who they genuinely are. And, the vehicle that I use to get there is the Clifton StrengthsFinder.

As a coach, I lead with my heart, my mind, and my intuition. All three. In StrengthsFinder language, my natural talents are Developer, Intellection, Input, Relator, and Empathy. That said, nobody’s Strengths operate in isolation; instead, they combine in unique ways to form a constellation, a bigger picture, a worldview.

What this looks like in my life and in the work that I do with clients is this: I have a huge radar screen when it comes to identifying and developing human potential — it is my instinct to listen, nurture, and inspire. I am always thinking, always reading, always adding to my view of the world, and there is no ‘off’ switch when it comes to this. Developing my gifts means making time to think, explore and share — it also means honoring my introverted side. So, taking time to unplug and assimilate all that I see and feel is one of the ways that the world and my clients get the best version of me. My time alone is as sacred as my time with others. I go deep with others, developing an authentic connection, and lasting trust. This happens, on one level, through conversation and, on another level, through what I sense and intuitively feel. I can put words to the unexpressed emotional lives of others, and I do this from a place of deep care and awareness.

This approach to living and being in the world doesn’t stop with my coaching, I live a Strengths-based life and bring this energy to all that I do. I’ve grown two small businesses into bigger businesses, and three small, beautiful people into bigger, beautiful people. I’ve restored old homes and nurtured old souls. I’ve shared the stories of inspirational local heroes and created elaborately themed events. I love my time as a mentor for prospective law school students, and as a counselor with Crisis Text Line.

If you are interested in learning more, I would love to talk to you. I help people grow through a compassionate Strengths-based approach. This work starts with a simple conversation.

Call today to find out more.